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The antivirus market has never been so dynamic in recent years. Indeed, the demand continues to climb to be able to protect oneself on the Internet. It must be said that no one is safe from the viruses circulating on the Net. On the other hand, there are also identity thieves, frauds, and hacks to be wary of. It’s hard to talk about the word antivirus without talking about Norton. It’s a giant when it comes to malware protection. It is best known for its top-notch detection system with 25 GB of online storage. See for yourself the prowess and customer reviews of Norton.

Norton Antivirus: what is it?


Norton Antivirus was developed and marketed by Symantec Corporation in the year 1991. It is a 40-year-old American company that has grown in importance over time. Today, she is considered one of the most powerful leaders in the field of cybersecurity.

As for Norton, it is an anti-virus and anti-malware program. In short, it prevents viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans from entering your device to prevent your computer from being damaged.

To do so, it performs regular scans on your machine to protect it when you browse the internet. But especially when you download files or when you open an email. This software is constantly and automatically updated to keep your device safe. Norton Antivirus runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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The different features of Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus has very specific features, particularly in terms of protection. Users, therefore, have access to a very pleasant and easy-to-use tool. Find out what features it provides to its customers.

· Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, the offers are quite interesting. The developers of the software have ensured that it is compatible with all possible devices. This compatibility begins with the most classic such as PCs, Windows to Macs, and other mobile devices. It is therefore possible for you to secure all your devices according to the subscription you choose from this provider. Be sure to check the coverages stipulated in the offers before investing.

Parental control

This function has a slight drawback despite its efficiency and usefulness. In other words, it is only accessible with premium offers. It represents a break for those who do not want to pay dearly for its antivirus. However, it is an element that is of some importance for users who want to protect their children. Indeed, this antivirus software ensures very well parental control and the safety of children. You will have no problem blocking sites that may be malicious or dangerous for them.

Online storage, a small bonus to the offer

This small feature sets Norton Antivirus apart from other vendors. It benefits from online storage space, around 25 GB for some of its offers. Of course, nothing very significant, but good to know.

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Within the computer universe, viruses are the bane. They delete your files, destroy your operating system and make your computer slow among an enormous list of other issues. Ever since they shook the electronic world for the first time, attempts have been made to deal effectively with them. Of the number of antivirus port available on the internet, there is none close to matching Norton ® Antivirus efficiency.

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