Fix Roku Error Code 017 in 2020

How to Fix Roku Error Code 017?

Here Is What You Should Do For Roku Error Code 017

If you are searching for solutions to the Roku Error Code 017 problem then you can finish your search here. We have come up with this informative post, after proper practical work and study.

We know you are so upset about your Roku device because of one fault. But let’s tell you the problem is nothing, your Roku just faces trouble when connecting to the internet. Since Roku is a streaming device, it won’t stream anything until you solve the problem. And now you can smile, as we find all the solutions to Roku Error Code 017.

We will also include you with our Helpline numbers just for your concern. You will interact with our experts who look forward to helping you with these.

For: US/Canada: +1-386-400-0302. Given numbers are toll-free and 24*7 accessible.


Are you ready to troubleshoot the issue? Lets’ go!!!

What Is Roku Error Code 017?

To solve Roku Error Code 017 you need to know the error first? Let us tell you nothing but a connectivity issue to this error.

We are all familiar with the fact that Roku is nothing without the internet. It is a streaming tool, and can only stream if it has a good network link.

Hence the device’s root cause is when Roku is not connected properly to the wifi network.


Fix Roku Error Code 017

How To Fix Roku Error Code 017?

To troubleshoot Roku Error Code 017 then follow the points that have been given below:

  1. The one that’s easy to fix is restarting it. To restart you must first go to the settings, then click “System” and then “Restart System.” Besides that, you can also do the same by unplugging and plugging all of the wires again.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to a proper network.
  3. Not so much the distance between your device and the router. As many times people used to separate the Roku device from the router. That is why due to weak signals device starts showing Roku Error Code 017.
  4. Wireless interference such as microwaves, radio waves, cordless phones, etc. do not occur, only because these devices impact the quality of the network.
  5. In such a case where you have antennas on your router then you can also try to reorient them.
  6. If you are unable to change your router’s position and the Roku then use wifi extender.


A wireless extender is a device used to expand the wireless signal limit. You only need to position it within the limit of wifi signals after connecting it to the internet. And hence from any corner of your home, you can use your wifi.

And Hence…

We hope that you have resolved the issue of Error Code 017 with the aid of all the steps listed. All these measures are well checked and have been used by a lot of people to solve the problem.

We don’t suggest you’re misapplying them, but if you haven’t got the solution yet, keep cool. We have a team of highly trained and seasoned technicians ready to support you.

The best thing is that you can call them whenever you have time, they are available round the clock.

And the quality support you will get from here will find nowhere else. You must go to our website for more information.


For: US/Canada: +1-386-400-0302. Given numbers are toll-free and 24*7 accessible.

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