roku error code 003 & 005

Fixing Roku Error Code 003 & 005

Roku Software Update Issue- Fixing Roku Error Code 003 & 005

At times you have to deal with the process of triggering Roku, setting up Roku account, and upgrading jobs with Roku software. You can experience different errors in Roku while performing certain tasks. Of all these errors; the one deemed critical is the “Roku Software Update Problem.”

Before jumping to learn how to fix the Roku software update error, you must first understand the Roku error codes for the same.


Defining Roku Software Update Issue or Error Code 003 & 005

If your Roku finds trouble downloading updates, you will see either error code 003 on your Roku, or error code 005. Here’s their definition:

Roku Error Code 003: This Error occurs when the Roku software is updated. The device does not download the updates, even if it does

Roku Error Code 005: This error also occurs while attempting to download updates to the Roku software but fails. The primary reason this error occurs is not a question of internet access or wifi accessibility.

It ‘s essential to connect Roku to your wifi network to access the internet. You can not update your Roku software without the internet. So to complete the software upgrade job, it’s important to correct these errors.

As these, both errors occur for the same (mostly) purposes. So we got this comprehensive guide on help. To repair Roku error code 003 and 005 you’ll learn some simple and advanced troubleshooting tricks.

Initial Troubleshooting to fix Roku Error Code 003 & 005

To troubleshoot Roku Software Update issue start with some basic checks and do the following:

  1. Switch off your Roku device (Remove power cable) or Hold.
  2. Ensure all lights go off on Roku devices.
  3. Plug the power cable from the socket into the router to turn it off.
  4. Give a minimum break of 1-2 minutes.
  5. Switch your wifi router on by plugging the power cable into it.
  6. Wait until your router has rebooted properly and is ready for use.
  7. Check your other device; if they have proper internet access.
  8. If your router has returned to work, and the internet connection is back up.
  9. Start the Roku device again.
  10. Plugin the power cable and turn on your Roku device to start.
  11. Go to Roku’s main menu and select the right name of your wifi network and enter the correct password.
  12. Go to and follow the Roku Activation process again.

It mostly works by restarting everything and reconnecting to your wifi network. Now, try updating Roku software. Hopefully, you can do the job now. This means your Roku error code 003 & error code 005 could be fixed.

In case it doesn’t all work for you. You should then dare to take the advanced steps to troubleshoot. More on that will be discussed in the following section.


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Advanced Troubleshooting to fix Roku Error Code 005 & 003

Check out some advanced troubleshooting steps to fix error code 003 on Roku. The fun part is these can also help you to resolve Roku error code 005. Let’s check what these are:


Use the Ethernet Cable

Most devices run on Roku Tv have an Ethernet port. Why not use this feature; when facing an error in connectivity? Your Roku device could experience problems connecting to the wireless network. Thus the Roku error code 005 or Roku error 003 is given. To connect your Roku to the Network, you should use an ethernet cable. Do what’s next:

  1. Switch the router on; make sure it does work well.
  2. Switch the Roku device on.
  3. Take an Ethernet cable and plug one end into your Roku Ethernet port and another end into your router.

This will ensure better network connectivity while you’re trying to update Roku ‘s software.


Check Roku Server status

If there is any drop or maintenance on the Roku server then you can’t help. This situation will cause you to get some error messages like Roku error code 001, 003, 005, 009, 013, 016, 018, and the list goes on.

  1. To check the status of the Roku server; explore the google.
  2. If there are some such problems, this is going to be a phenomenon.
  3. You may also search the corresponding forum to find out the exact status.

You can’t do anything to fix Roku errors in a situation like that. Sit tight, waiting to get the Roku server back to work.

Check & Change Roku Network Settings

  1. Go to your router admin page.
  2. Open your router’s settings.
  3. Go to IP address settings. It needs to be the same as the IP address mentioned on your router’s back.
  4. Move to “Wireless Security.”
  5. Check the security mode; it should be WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).

You will try to connect your Roku to the network after you have made those changes. And now, you can try upgrading Roku software again. You will most likely not see Roku Error 003 or 005 again.

IMPORTANT: It is your wish to avoid changing the protocol for network security.


For any further Roku support, dial the Roku Helpline Numbers: USA/Canada: +1-386-400-0302.

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