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Garmin Connect Mobile App & Sync Garmin Data With Mobile?

Setup garmin device with garmin connect and Sync your different devices with Garmin Connect Mobile app to prevent any accidental data loss and keep track of your health stats, workout & training plans, courses and segments, calendar events, and ample other activities saved on the connect account.

Sync Your Data with Garmin Connect Mobile

Let’s get started with the steps to upload data using Garmin Connect mobile app.

Note: If you have the app installed on your device, jump to Step 3, else start with Step 1.

Step 1  Meet the following minimum requirements on your device.

Android Requirements

Operating System: 4.4 or later   Bluetooth: 4.0 or later

Apple iOS Requirements

iOS Version: 10.0 or later, Compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, iPad

Windows Phone Requirements

Operating system: Windows 10 Mobile version 10586.0 or higher

Architecture: ARM, x64, x86    Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth


Step 2:  Download the Garmin Connect Mobile app! on your device from respective Google Play, Apple, or Windows Store & install it on your phone.

Step 3:  Launch the app and create your account through the Garmin Connect login page (if don’t have one).

Step 4: Sign in Garmin Connect with a registered email address.

Step 5: Connect your Garmin device to the smartphone having a Connect app.

Step 6: Add your Garmin Nuvi device in-app and complete the setup process by following on-screen instructions (This step applies if it is the first device that you’re pairing with the app).

Implement the following steps, if your Garmin device is already registered with the Connect app.

For iOS: On-screen bottom, tap on select Garmin devices.

For Android: Check your screen top & tap on select Garmin devices.

Step 7: Later, hold the device keys until you see SYNC on the screen. Then, release the key.

Step 8: After the process completes, view all imported data in the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Note: If you own any USB, ANT wireless, or Wi-Fi device, sync them using Garmin Express.For sync Download Latest version of Garmin Express.

Troubleshooting Garmin Connect Bluetooth Issues

Problems like can’t sync data from device to Garmin Connect, unable to see smart notifications, and widgets not working on the device are co-related. Know how to resolve their most common cause i.e. Bluetooth Troubleshooting with Garmin Connect Mobile App.

Steps to Resolve Bluetooth Connection Issues

Recommended tips before Troubleshooting Bluetooth Garmin connect App issues:

  • Swipe down from the top of the mobile screen and search the Bluetooth option from the quick action list.
  • Next, ensure the Bluetooth option on the list is enabled.
  • Now, launch Garmin Connect and log in to your account.
  • In the Connect App menu, click on the Garmin device option and check your device status. The connection between the Bluetooth device and the Connect app should be good.
  • If the status displays ‘Poor’ then, troubleshoot Bluetooth software error.

Adding to your information, there are majorly four types of Bluetooth error.

So, how CAN I FIX my Bluetooth error with a definite solution- instantly?

Wondering Same? – Then, explore your Answer from NEXT Line…

Find your device status below & resolve Bluetooth problem

Appropriate steps against four different Garmin Connect Bluetooth problems.

Error 1: Garmin device and mobile fail to reconnect after 1-2 minutes Restart

Solution: Your answer to prevailing Bluetooth Connectivity issue:

  • Open your Garmin Connect App and tap on three dots at the bottom-right corner of your app screen.
  • Select Remove device option and tap on YES to confirm unpaired device action.
  • After few minutes, again add the mobile device to Connect app and check if the device gets paired or not!
  • When devices get paired – they will automatically connect to your Connect app.

Error 2: Garmin Connect App displays the message: “No Device Paired”

Solution: Here’s the answer to your Bluetooth error:

  • Re-launch Garmin Connect app and tap on the ‘Add device’ option.
  • From the available list of devices (that you registered with the app earlier), choose your device model to connect.
  • Next, follow on-screen instructions to complete the device pairing process.
  • Once paired, your Garmin device should be connected to the Connect App.

Error 3: Garmin device displays the status “Not Connected”

Solution: Try following steps to fix your problem:

    • Reboot your Garmin device and phone because the process mostly resolves Bluetooth connection issue.

Note: Wait for 1-2 minutes until your reboot process completes.

  • Then, open Garmin Connect Mobile app and go to “Device settings/ Status” page and check if the status changes to ‘Connected’ or not!

Error 4: Connect App shows “No Devices Paired”

Solution: To troubleshoot this error:

  • Re-launch your Garmin Connect App and search for the option ‘Add a device’ on screen.
  • Touch the device model you are trying to connect and follow the on-screen pairing process.
  • Once it completes successfully, your Garmin device will be connected to the app.

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How to Update Software using Garmin Connect Mobile?

Garmin Connect Mobile App is the one-stop store that manages all your activities and also, helps you update Garmin Nuvi device software. It’s a blessing in disguise- especially when you’re traveling on an unknown road & want to get the fresh & updated routes.

Update Your Device Software Using Garmin Connect

Your steps to update Garmin device software using Connect Mobile App:

Note: Make sure you have a Garmin Connect login account for software update.

    • Begin by pairing your Garmin device with a compatible smartphone.

Note: Do check your system requirements before connecting the GPS device

    • Next, sync your device with the Connect app (refer the first section on page to sync your GPS device with Garmin connect).
    • Once these processes complete successfully- all-new device concerning software update will get onto your device.
    • Check for updates, which do not display message “Already installed”.
    • Then, click on Update button next to the Garmin device compatible firmware available for your device.

Note: You may expand the update software from right-hand corner to check its details.

  • Lastly, follow-all on-screen instructions to complete the software update download and install on your Garmin device.
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What’s more in Garmin Connect Online?

You already know- what Garmin connect portal does for you! To your surprise- there’re even more tools and features in Garmin Connect Mobile. So, learn- what more Garmin Connect is capable of and check- if you were only aware of a drop in the ocean of Connect App.

Build a Plan

From body fitness to marathon run, Garmin connect has all guide plans to help you. Be it the tested workout features, expert advice, reminder of target time, or estimation of how long will it take to achieve your goal- Garmin Connect Mobile app has all.

Find New Pathways to Run

With a heat map feature embedded in the app- you can now get to know the most updated running routes in your area. By accessing this hand remedy feature, you can also learn about some of the unknown or not-so-popular routes & relish a new experience.

Create Your Routes

Using your Smartphone app, you can now add your left, right routes or pick your roads/ paths. Along with this, you also get the detailed distance, predicted times according to your pace, an elevation map, and some quick edit tools to auto-fill your journey.

Know Your Heart Rate Stats

Providing information about your current heart stats- the app also helps you know whether the place is good for your run. Guiding you about how your body should respond during plain or uphill runs- it also lets you compare what’s your present body condition is.

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