How to Add a Channel on Roku

How to Add a Channel on Roku?

All You Need To Know About Adding Channels to Roku TV

Roku streaming device is very flexible, providing the best way to watch entertainment on your tv. It provides an ample choice of channel options.

Additionally, you can add more channels to Roku Tv to expand your current channel list. This post is dedicated to explaining some exciting aspects of “Adding Roku Tv channels.” We assure you will find this post inspiring and sharing knowledge.

So let’s first take up the primary concern to start our journey, i.e. how to add channels to your Roku streaming player.

How to Add a Channel on Roku?

Roku Adding Channels is a fairly simple process. And if you do this for the first time, you don’t need to be afraid of that. Fortunately, you’ve got access to the Roku Channels store. It’s like the way your android smartphone can access the Google Play store.

The Roku channel store is the showcase of all Roku channels, whether paid or free. You may choose to enter the Roku Channel store among several open doorways. But the ultimate fact is that to add channels to Roku TV you need to get into the Roku channel store.

The different ways to add Roku channels are:

  1. Adding Roku Channels with Roku Device.
  2. Adding Roku Channels via Roku App.
  3. Adding Roku Channels with a Web Browser.


Following check out what you should do to add channels to your Roku TV.

  • Go to the Roku channel store.

From Roku Device

  • Press the home button on your remote.
  • Click on the ‘streaming channels’ option in the left panel.

From Roku App

  • Open your Roku mobile app.
  • Click on the ‘Channels’ menu located at the bottom of the app.

From Roku Website

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the official online Roku channels store.
  • Log in with your Roku account login details.
  • Next, explore the channel categories to look for new channels. You can also type the channel title in the search bar.
  • Click on the ‘details’ option to learn more about the channels.
  • To add any particular channel to your Roku, click on the ‘Add Channel’ button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for making payment to add paid Roku channels.

The Free Roku channel will be added immediately whereas a Paid Roku channel will be added once your payment will be confirmed.

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Types of Roku Channels

There are two types of Roku channels, i.e. Roku channels are official and private. Further categorization may be made on the aspect of cost, i.e., payor Free Roku channels. So here is the list of types of Roku channels:

  • Official Roku Channels
  • Private Roku channels
  • Free Roku Channels
  • Paid Roku Channels

Types of Roku Channels

How to Find a Channel With the Roku Search Function

  • If you know the channel name but don’t want to spend time searching it, you can also find it using the Roku Home screen search feature.
  • Type the channel name in, then pick it from the search results list. Note the channel name symbol for separating Roku channels from tv and Film names.
  • Choose the channel in the search results and you will find the option to install the channel the way we used the channel we found in the Channel Store


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