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McAfee AntiVirus is one of the best antivirus software to protect the Windows computer against all kinds of malware, viruses, spyware, and trojans.

John McAfee, software developer, entrepreneur, and politician may be a bit of an eccentric character, but his credit for creating one of the world’s most popular antiviruses: McAfee Antivirus. When we think of this kind of software to protect the computer, the same names always come to mind: Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, and, of course, McAfee. It’s good for something.

This name does not roll in our heads only because of the character that there is last (or that there was, because since 2011 the company is owned by Intel), if not because it is truly one of the best sequels of security to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of all the files on your computer, protecting them against Internet malware, and which has incredible prestige thanks to the opinions of its users.

In addition, this edition of 2017 will not only help you keep the Windows PC free from viruses and other malware but also serves to protect your smartphones, whether iPhones or Android because it is compatible with an unlimited number of devices for these platforms.

Mcafee Features

Among the most important features of this computer security suite, we must point out the following:

Protect your computer against all kinds of malware, viruses, spyware, and trojans with the most advanced detection and security technology.
Protection of the home network, ensuring your WiFi connection, and all devices connected to it.
Personal firewall capable of blocking questionable traffic and malicious applications.
Identify suspicious links and sites so you never download any infected files with McAfee WebAdvisor.
Secure online payment with anti-phishing tools.
New PC optimization tools to keep your PC crisp, up to date, and running at peak performance.
Protection software is also compatible with Mac computers, iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.
Filtering inappropriate content that you can find on social networks.

Which McAfee Antivirus is right for me on my Windows 10?

Many users, when faced with the dilemma of choosing an antivirus for their PC, smartphone, or tablet, wonder which one is the best for them. McAfee or Kaspersky? Or maybe AVG or Avast? What about Norton or Avira? But here we already affirm that the protection software of Intel Security is among the best to download. All that is needed is to choose the product that best suits everyone’s needs.

The features described above correspond to AntiVirus Plus that, despite its name, is only the most basic version you can buy. How much does it cost? You’ll be able to access all of its features for $ 30 (unfortunately none of McAfee’s antiviruses are free), but there are much more complete (and more expensive) versions you should consider:

McAfee Internet Security: the characteristics of AntiVirus Plus must be added protection against spam for the inbox and parental controls for a little less than 40 euros.

McAfee Total Protection: to the previous options, this also adds social network protection to prevent attacks from hackers and thieves, a little over 42 euros.

McAfee LiveSafe: It is the most complete product and the most expensive (almost 90 euros) but it has by fortune a 30-day evaluation version. It encompasses the features of Total Protection and it adds secure online registration.

McAfee Antivirus Support Service By FiveChapter

Our Certified Technicians will help you get the best protection possible from your Norton ® Antivirus copy. Our services are available to you throughout the year, at any time of the day.

Our remote assistance facility lets our technicians fix your problems directly, thereby contributing to quick and effective solutions. Our Norton ® antivirus support package will provide you with comprehensive solutions for every problem.

Virus attacks are now a common problem every computer user has to address. Those threats make our network vulnerable and McAfee offers the best protection to defend us from such attacks.

The McAfee Antivirus software avoids spyware and malware attacks and other security risks on your computers and networks. The 2010 edition provides full firewall security for inbound and outbound scanning.


This program will thus boost your productivity and your business efficiency. McAfee offers regular updates, rootkit security, and even has an advanced feature of site advisor. Here a list of protected surfing sites is given to the user. There is also a System Guards feature that detects all kinds of virus attacks on the monitor.

Despite these plus points, McAfee came up against some serious public criticism. During deployment, the program faced technical difficulties and did not respond well to false threats.

More significantly, the McAfee technical support was not regarded by reviewers as being slow in operation. In light of these aspects, we highly suggest our professional assistance for all kinds of McAfee issues.

Contact our skilled and experienced technical team to make your system secure and free from viruses by getting McAfee Antivirus. As none of us want to lose our computer security and our important data, we all should use trusted software, like McAfee, that prevents us from all kinds of unknown virus attacks.

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