Roku will not Connect to Wifi

Roku will not Connect to Wifi [Solved]

How To Fix Roku Will does not Connect to Wi-Fi Error!!

It’s common to get errors while using your Roku player. Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi is the usual message people get in routine Roku T.v use on their screens.

Various other errors, such as 003, 009, 005, 016, 018, and 014, exist on Roku Streaming devices. Okay, when you see any of these Roku errors on your computer, nothing to be taken as seriously as all of these are normal Roku problems your Roku device faces.

The only difference is that they all relate to and indicate the various issues/problems your device encounters.

Here we got a complete and easy to follow troubleshooting guide on how to fix Roku 016 error.

Roku Error 016- Understanding the Error

First, let ‘s understand the prime reason; as to why your screen has Roku Error 016. The error occurs when you attempt to link your Roku to the online world over the phone, but your Roku loses its network connection and refuses internet access.

As a result, you see your screen with “Roku Error Code 016” and your device with a red light.

Your device can show that it is connected to the wi-fi network but will terminate all your request to stream any channel online.

In other words, when your Roku device doesn’t connect to your wi-fi network, Roku Error Code 016 appears. You may get this error code on our TV screen along with a message stating you are unable to connect to the internet or wi-fi.

Hopefully, it’s enough now to understand the central problem to fix this issue. The next section will explain how to fix your Roku player when displaying error code 016.

A Quick Fix for Error Code 016

Before you indulge in detailed technical problem-solving on Roku Error 016 resolution. It is recommended that you do a few quick recommendations or checkups. There is no need for any important problem with Roku which is why error 016 is shown.

We still neglect small issues that can easily fix our problems. So here are just a few fast fixes that might work if your Roku doesn’t connect to the wireless network.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your Internet operates at a reasonable speed. Slow or disrupted Internet speed can cause network devices a problem. Your Roku may struggle to connect to wi-fi, but fails because of no internet speed; as a result, your error code 016 is displayed.

Also, check your Roku wi-fi settings if you are just trying to connect to your home network. Which means that you have selected the right name for the wi-fi.


Check your wi-fi Network

As an attempt to connect to an incorrect wi-fi network (maybe your neighbor’s) will not bring success. And Roku will consider the failed connection to wi-fi and your Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi.


Have no idea about ‘how to connect Roku to a wi-fi network(Roku will not Connect to Wifi )?’ Don’t waste time call at toll-free Roku Customer Service @ USA/Canada/UK: +1 616-266-7556!!!


Reboot Your Roku & Router

Reboot your Roku device and the router once. Do the following:

  1. Unplug your Roku device.
  2. Unplug your Router Power adaptor.
  3. Wait for 15-30 seconds.
  4. Plugin the Roku power supply adaptor back into a power socket.
  5. Plugin back router’s power adaptor as well.
  6. Wait until both devices reboot and settle down to get ready to be used.


If your channel starts streaming and you can watch your stuff that means your Roku error 016 has been solved, try using your Roku player.

What else do you want, do not enjoy your channels with any technical problem-solving thing to go any further? Just relax and have fun!!

If you’re not lucky enough to get your 016 error resolved so quickly then try different tricks to overcome your 016 Roku error situation. Feel a technician, and go ahead!!


Roku Error Code 016: A Detailed Troubleshooting Guide

Once you have tried speedy fixes explained above but nothing worked for you. Now, it’s time for fastening the seat belt and getting into technological tricks.

The issue with your DNS IP router or any Roku configuration disturbance could lead to Roku errors such as error code 16.

Any router problem will result in slow or no internet access, and that is the core reason behind code 16 error occurring on Roku. Under two main headings we will describe the troubleshooting steps:

  • Checking Router DNS settings.
  • Run the Roku setup.


You wouldn’t be able to stream your favorite channels until and unless your Roku gets connected to the wi-fi and gets internet access. In other words, it’s vital to remove or fix error code 016 if you wish to continue washing your favorite streaming channels on your Roku t.v.

Following you can learn in detail what you need to do step by step to get your channels streaming back on our Roku t.v. Let’s begin

Checking Router DNS settings

First, check the status of your router’s DNS settings before you engage in detailed troubleshooting. If the DNS router is set to use internal IP, then the Roku device will not be connected to the Internet. No matter how hard you bang your head for other Roku settings to change.

Because of its built-in DNS settings, our device can handle this IP conflicting problem, but Roku players need an external IP to connect to the internet.

Following we have chalked out the steps in detail that you need to follow to first, troubleshoot your router settings.

  • Open your browser and navigate to your router login page through IP address.
  • You will be redirected to your router login page, fill in your default/changed login credentials to get into the account.


Note: If you have no clue about your router password, please contact your ISP first.

  • Now move to DNS settings of your router.
  • Make sure DNS1 and DNS2 are appropriately set to an External IP address.
  • If you see DNS1 or DNS2, is showing IP same as internal IPs (192.168.1.x), you need to replace it with public IP.
  • To know more about how to change Router’s DNS IP settings to fix Roku Error Code 016, Call our Roku toll-free Helpline numbers USA/UK/Canada: +1 616-266-755.
  • Finally, save your settings before leaving the wireless setup wizard.


Call Roku Customer service numbers USA/UK/Canada: +1 616-266-755; when your Roku won’t connect to wifi. Get instant help!!


Run Roku Setup Again

Now once you’ve solved your Router DNS IP problem; its time to install the Roku device from scratch. So it can read the changes made to router settings and connect easily to wifi. Do the following for your device to run Roku Setup from scratch.

  • Restart your Roku by turning off/on the power supply.
  • Make sure your Roku stick or box is connected adequately to your t.v.
  • When your Roku device is initialized; you see Roku animated logo screen. Let all these things settle down.
  • Next, you need to connect your Roku to your home wifi network by selecting your name.


Once Roku gets connected to wifi, you would not be longer seeing Roku error code 016 sooner will enjoy your channels.

Roku setup is not complete until all the new Roku software (if available) is tested and downloaded.

Do not forget to work with display settings to enjoy full HD picture & sound quality of your online streaming channels.

If necessary, do the Roku Account Setup again; which includes activating Roku through the official Roku activation website:

Begin by punching your activation code then follow all onscreen instructions to complete the process of setting up the Roku account.


Final Verdict about “Roku will not Connect to Wifi “

Here we have come to an end; this was all that our expert technicians wanted to share with you (our users) on fixing the Roku Error code 016 issue.

We tried to add additional related matters and their fixing solutions as well. Hope this guide will help you to manage a various routine problem that may occur with your Roku device.


For any further help on Roku Connection Error 016 or Setup, don’t hesitate to dial our Roku Toll-Free Numbers USA/Canada/UK: +1 616-266-7556.

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