Updating a Garmin Navigator Map

Updating a Garmin Navigator Map 2022

Maybe a  has reached your hands and you’re not quite sure what to do with it.
If you need to know how to update the map of a Garmin GPS Navigator , you’ve come to the right place.

Before we get to work, know that there are several types of maps and that there are therefore specialized GPS devices in each of these categories.

Let’s go, let’s get to work …

Types of maps that can be updated in a Garmin GPS

Field navigators

These are topographic maps , specializing in routes across the field. They show us: roads, trails, refuges, rivers, waterfalls, contour lines, etc. These are the most complete maps that exist, because they show all the characteristics of the terrain.

Within this group we can find the following Garmin GPS models: Dakota 20 , Edge 800 , eTrex 20 , GPSMAP 64 , Montana 600 , Oregon 450 and some others. All these devices are specialized in topographic maps, which does not mean that they do not accept other types of maps, but their specialty is topographic.

Updating a Garmin Navigator Map

Road navigators

These are the road maps , these maps are not as complete as the topographic maps, but they have a larger level of detail for towns and villages, showing us the names of streets, shops, parks, etc. These are maps designed to travel on roads, highways and highways without ending up on dirt roads.

Within this group of Garmin navigators, we can find ourselves: The whole range of models Nuv i, Zumo , Nulink , Fleet , etc. All these devices also accept other types of cards, but their specialty is road transport.

Nautical charts

These are nautical charts . These maps are primarily designed to help us navigate on board ships. They provide us with information on depth, port plans, shipwrecks, obstructions, restricted areas, etc. Some of the devices specialized in nautical charts are: ECHOMAP , GSPMAP models , etc.

How to Update the Map of a Garmin GPS Navigator

Garmin often updates the maps and they get bigger and bigger. Sometimes the GPS device itself does not accept more than 2 GB of memory on a map , which gives us a problem, for example the City Navigator Europe map already occupies almost 4 GB . This is solved by updating the firmware of the browser .

To avoid possible problems and to have the latest firmware provided by the manufacturer, before updating the card of our device, we will update its firmware.

Once we update the firmware of our device, we will update the map.

The map, whether it is a topographic, road or nautical map, is always in .IMG format , and the name of the map file should be “gmapsupp.img” . This is a general rule and then has its variations.

There are different ways to install a map in a GPS navigator , we will make the easiest one by using a memory card.

Steps to Update Garmin GPS

  1. We take an SD memory card , or MicroSD depending on the format needed for our device and we format it in FAT32 . This is done by “right clicking” on the memory card unit. “Format” by selecting from the FAT32 file system.
  2. For this example, we are going to use a topographic map, in particular TopoHispania 2.04 . We can download it from the official site, where you have to register, or if you prefer in this link. (Download the TopoHispania 2.04 map) .
  3. As we assume that you will have downloaded from the link, you will have downloaded a file called “mapa.zip” .
  4. We unzip this “map.zip” in a folder . A file called “gmapsupp.img” should appear.
  5. We access our memory card and create a new folder called “garmin” .
  6. Copy the “gmapsupp.img” file in the folder “Garmin” on the memory card.
  7. Safely disconnect the card, click on the GPS and turn it on.
  8. Now in the GPS options we are going to select the new map that we have incorporated. To do this, normally in the main menu we go to Utilities> Configuration> Map> Information and only the Topo Hispania map is left checked. Each GPS model has a different menu to access the option to choose the map, so if you are unsure of how to do this, consult the user manual.

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